5 Reasons:
To visit isambane camp

February 21st of 2022

©Photography byIsambane Team

We’ve all been romanced by the charms of the bushveld before, through countless cinematic, musical and literary depictions of this mysterious and beautiful land. Anyone who has been to holiday destinations in South Africa cannot deny the exceptional experiences that this wonderful country has in store. South Africa takes hold of your heart and never lets go. A South African safari might just be the best holiday you can give yourself. Now is the time to get off your screens and embark on a real, live safari adventure. Here are our favourite reasons for visiting Isambane Camp:

Why you should book your next life changing safari adventure at Isambane Camp?

1. An authentic escape

Embarking on a safari at Isambane is literally escaping into another realm. As you arrive the wild will engulf your body and soul. The concert of Nature’s elements envelopes all your senses, as you get further away from the distractions of your everyday routines and demands. Welcome the isolation as you immerse yourself in the moment, subjecting yourself to the elements, and letting the unexpected sweep you off your feet. Living in the now.

2. The Wildlife

As Isambane is located within the world-famous Greater Kruger region, there is the opportunity to get up close to a wandering herd of elephants, within their habitat, as they stroll past the camp with no fences between you. The camp’s waterhole attracts a diversity of wildlife and gives one a sense of awe with every new encounter. Transforming you back to a past age when giant fauna ruled this planet. Roaring lions. A fish eagle’s call. The constant high-pitched buzzing of cicadas during the heat of the day. Hyenas crying from a distance in the pitch-black darkness at night. Countless birds – each with their own distinct call that it brings to this natural choir. Isambane will play with your senses. Nature’s orchestra never quiets down. It all adds to an unforgettable experience. Once you have heard it, your soul will long to hear it again… and again…

3. The Isambane Team

Isambane comprises of a team with amazing group dynamics. The team has a deep trust in one another that allows each member to be the best version of who they are. A team as equally diverse as Nature itself. Their authentic, enthusiastic and relaxed personal approach ensures guests feel at home, safe and comfortable for the duration of their stay. The field guides are world class. From tracking to animal behaviour, their wealth of knowledge will astound. As you listen to their words of wisdom and insight, you might learn a life lesson or two. Don’t be surprised if there is a lot of hugging and tears on departure. The unforgettable moments of your stay can result in bringing tears to your eyes.

4. Unique Experiences Every Day

With every dawn and beautiful sunrise, there is no telling what you will see when go out on a game drive to explore the bush. It is quite thrilling not knowing what is waiting behind the tree up ahead or around the next bend. A pride of lion with a kill? An elephant that lazily grazes on grass next to the road? Or a herd of Zebra with young foals? And as the day draws to a close, witnessing the sun disappear behind the African horizon has got to be one of the best. Accompany that with a sundowner at a lookout point overlooking the Olifants River with honking hippos during your Isambane wildlife safari, and it will become one of the highlights of your trip. Every day holds something new.

5. Support Conservation and Local Culture

Isambane is a custodian of the area it traverses. It is dedicated to protecting and researching the amazing wildlife that surrounds them. The fauna and flora and their natural habitats need protection. When visiting Isambane, you contribute to the fight of conservation by bringing in much needed capital into the area. This capital assists field rangers in their efforts to protect not only the endangered species, but too trickles down into the surrounding communities helping to create stability, save local culture and provide dignity. Isambane is conservation-minded, ensuring the wellbeing of cultures and wildlife for future generations. When picking your safari destination in South Africa, you supply desperate needed funding to generate jobs and keep the wildlife safe.

Let’s hope the day never comes when we can only experience these incredible locations in a picture or a video. Booking your safari with Isambane ensures accountability to the continued conservation of these precious domains and their inhabitants.

Regardless of age and preference, come and be humbled by the majesty of the savannah. Embark on a safari adventure and escape to another realm.

Martin Steyn