Our cuisine

Food and drinks

Part of the Isambane experience is the cuisine and we place a great deal of emphasis on the food we serve and present to our guests. We are certain our guests will be highly impressed with what we can conjure up in the middle of the bush. Isambane can cater for any dietary requirements, including vegetarian or vegan diet.

Game drives

Out and about

During our Safari Drives we do a 30 minute “phuza” stop where guests may use the bush toilet before helping themselves to a drink of their choice. Guides prepare drinks and snacks to your preference beforehand and choose the safest spots to allow you to enjoy your beverage to the best views of sunrises and sunsets.


What we see...

The Lowveld is known for its great diversity, with the possibility of viewing a multitude of different mammal species. From the magnificent African Elephant to the timid Elephant Shrew, the elegant Giraffe to the raucous Hippo, there is something to get everyone excited. The rich natural vegetation in our reserve has created a bird-watcher’s paradise with over 350 bird species.

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